Programming + Direct Manipulation + SVG

Direct manipulation interfaces are useful in many domains, but the lack of programmability in a high-level language makes it difficult to develop complex and reusable content. We envision direct manipulation programming systems that allow users the benefits of general-purpose programming languages but with less keyboard-based text editing and more mouse-based direct manipulation.

Sketch-n-Sketch is a direct manipulation programming system for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). We are in the early design phases for integrating programmatic and direct manipulation, but we have found that the workflow in Sketch-n-Sketch already leads to new and interesting ways to approach the design process. Take a look around and try it yourself!

Research Papers


Sketch-n-Sketch is under active development by Ravi Chugh, Brian Hempel, Justin Lubin, and Mikaël Mayer. Previous contributors include Jacob Albers, Grace Lu, and Mitchell Spradlin.