Deuce User Study

January 31, 2018

Last summer we ran a user study to evaluate Deuce, as implemented in Sketch-n-Sketch v0.6.2. Check out our ICSE 2018 paper for all the details.

Here is the pared down, user-study version of the tool (described in Sections 4.1 and 4.2 of the paper) used by the user study participants. Note: There will be many errors in the JavaScript console when running this web application, because it was configured to communicate with a server for logging during the study.

The unnarrated video below quickly clicks through all tutorial steps, and then quickly (~5 minutes total) completes the tasks without any pauses. To read the tasks, either launch the user study app or look in Appendix C. Notes: (i) This video is not narrated. (ii) This video was recorded using a lighter color scheme than the one used by participants. (iii) For the Lambda task, the video shows a solution with one more tool invoked (Move Definitions) than in the "optimal" path listed in Table 1.