User Study Videos

November 23, 2015

We recently ran a user study with 25 participants, who were asked to watch the following videos and answer survey questions based on their observations. These videos (also available as a YouTube playlist) can be viewed as a general introduction to Sketch-n-Sketch.

The primary purpose of the study was to evaluate the question: "Are direct manipulation heuristics [in Sketch-n-Sketch] better or worse than simply providing a slider for every constant in the program?" To help answer this question, Video 5 provides side-by-side comparisons of performing several tasks in Sketch-n-Sketch using different features. See Section 7 of this technical report for details about the survey and results.

NOTE: Several videos below have Recap slides at the end. The videos shown during the user study did not contain these Recaps.

[00] Combining Programmatic and Direct Manipulation

[01] Intro to Sketch-n-Sketch

[02] Basic Examples Using Variables

[03] Heuristics for Resolving Ambiguities

[04] Sliders

[05] Side-by-Side Comparisons