Here is the roadmap of this tutorial:

  • Overview (Ravi Chugh)
  • Introduction to Sketch-n-Sketch (Justin Lubin)
  • Bidirectional HTML Programming Demos (Mikaël Mayer) [version: icfp-2018-html]
  • Bidirectional HTML Programming Tutorial: Student Grades (self-paced). At last, your teaching assistants have graded all the assignments, the mid-terms and the final exam. They've provided you with a list of student names and their average grades out of 100. How do you fairly map these scores to letter grades, such as A+, A, A-, B+ ... down to E?
  • Bidirectional HTML Programming Tutorial: Multilingual Memory Game (self-paced). The memory game consists of pairs of identical cards placed face down. The player turns over two cards. If they are the same, they are left face up. If they are not, they are turned back face down. We will create an educational multilingual variant of the memory game to associate images to their transcriptions.
  • Output-Directed SVG Programming (Brian Hempel) [version: icfp-2018-svg]
  • Structured Editing with Holes (Nick Collins) [version: icfp-2018-holes]